Advantages Of Using Desktop Vaporizers Over Portable Vaporizer

Portable vaporizer started gaining popularity in 2011 as more and more public facilities started to ban smoking . You may have also heard desktop vaporizer referred to as a personal vaporizer (PV), an electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS), an e-cigarette, or an e-cig. Although many of the benefits and risks are still in the process of being researched and tested, here are some of the advantages of using them over portable vaporizer:


When a smoker walks into the room, you can tell just by the smell. The odor lingers on your clothes and hair. It can taint your apartment and car. The odor is something that nonsmokers often find revolting, so smokers go to great lengths to remove the smell or hide it from their coworkers, family members, and others. The smell comes from the fact that portable vaporizer burn tar, tobacco, and other chemicals when you’re smoking them. On the other hand, e-cigarettes give off a vapor that evaporates immediately. Most people say they can’t smell anything, and others say that the smell is similar to cotton candy or Poptarts. No matter what you think it smells like, it definitely smells better than traditional cigarette odors.


In the last few years, the cost per cigarette pack has been on the rise. With the increased price of tobacco, fuel, and taxes, you can expect to pay around $7-12 per pack depending on where you live. The federal and state taxes have increased drastically over the last decade or so. On top of that, you need to purchase lighters, ashtrays, and other things. The costs can add up, especially if you smoke a pack every day. When using desktop vaporizer, you need to purchase a starter kit when you first start using it. Then, you need to buy cartomizers and batteries which can cost you about $20-40 every month depending on how often you use it. It can save you a lot of money over time.


There are a lot of stigmas about smoking portable vaporizer. For one thing, you can’t smoke them in many public locations anymore. People are concerned about the secondhand effects that it can have on them. It can be difficult for a smoker to date a nonsmoker or find employment with a company that frowns upon cigarette breaks. If you want to be able to enjoy time with your friends, family, and coworkers without having to worry about the stigma of smoking, desktop vaporizer can help you do just that.


One of the biggest safety issues involving cigarettes stems from the open flame. Once you light up your cigarette, you need to be very careful about putting out the flame before you leave your cigarette behind. If you don’t, you could be at risk to a fire. In fact, 10% of all fire-related deaths worldwide are caused by cigarettes. Since people have used desktop vaporizer, there has been one case of the personal vaporizer exploding when the person used it incorrectly. As long as you follow the directions, you have little risk of an explosion, fire, or other safety concerns.


Although scientists are still researching the health benefits and risks of desktop vaporizer, they know that they are safer than portable vaporizer. For one thing, they don’t involve cancer-causing chemicals that lead to lung cancer, throat cancer, strokes, heart attacks, pneumonia, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, and other health problems. In fact, many people have turned to e-cigarettes as a way to help wean themselves off of portable vaporizer. They can still get their fix without many of the health risks associated with smoking portable vaporizer.

If you’re a traditional cigarette smoker, you should consider trying desktop vaporizer for the many benefits that it has to offer you and decide for yourself which one you prefer.